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This weekend I’ll be holed up inside and cuddling with my two Giants. We’re expecting our biggest snowstorm of the year yet here in Chicago! Here’s some inspiring bits of goodness from around the web, if you please. What are you doing this weekend?

Grilled Cheese Croutons: What’s better than a buttery, gooey grilled cheese sandwich with a side of creamy tomato soup? Bite-sized perfection in the form of grilled cheese croutons, right in the bowl! Surely, a favorite for kids and adults alike!


Cardboard Playhouse: This would make for a fun family photo shoot, “playing house.” Old wardrobe boxes (even stacked cereal boxes taped or glued together would also work) transform into an awesome playhouse for kids!


Tufted Headboard: Remember that amazing tufted headboard in Suzy’s bedroom, which she generously let me and Roman take over for our Mommy and Me photo shoot? This DIY headboard may be filed under “DIY That I’ll Never Get Around to Doing” but perhaps this pretty little piece will make someone else’s day (and night) a little more special…


Stone Bathtub: Um. Yes. Please. Is this someone’s private in-home spa?!? Or an uber-fancy birthing tub? Either way, I’m bookmarking this for future inspiration––you know, for when I own a giant mansion one day and maybe a butler named Jeeves.


Two-in-One Bath and Shower: Talk about multi-tasking! This is the only thing that *might* be a little cooler than a giant stone tub in my home.


Quirky Finger Faces: Inspo for a sweet little photo shoot––this could work for a newly engaged couple, a big sis and baby brother…the creative possibilities are endless…


xo, Melissa


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