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Vilayphone’s maternity shoot: Momma in red

I took these photos for a friend, who just delivered a healthy baby boy a couple weeks ago! He’s almost nine pounds and sweetly named after his daddy, Curtis. At the time of this shoot, she was about 36 weeks. Vilayphone and I talked a lot about what she should expect. Because you know, I’m a pro x 2 and all. Yea, sure…

I told her about how her heart will just burst at first sight, first touch of her baby. Of course, I also told her about the hardships. The stuff that most people don’t talk about. Like how often you have to feed the baby, around the clock. And like how breastfeeding seriously hurts!

It was utter chaos during the shoot, though I don’t think you can tell at all by looking at these airy, light-filled photos that were taken in our friend’s apartment. My sister-in-law, also a good friend of Vilayphone’s, was also present with my niece and nephew, and they were both running around wild. Little Wee G (aka Rhys) also came along for the ride but clearly didn’t like it because he couldn’t stop crying off and on. At one point I had to wear him in the carrier and shoot at the same time! (Now how’s THAT for multi-tasking, Gisele??) It was so chaotic, it was almost hysterical! Welcome to motherhood…

So, Vilayphone… my gift to you… what to expect when you’re expecting. (In your case, how do you feel about it all now that you have a real baby in your arms? Have you adjusted to all the craziness yet, that intense surge of love within your heart?

Thanks for letting me capture your beautiful self, Momma! Scroll through to see the full session!

xo, Melissa

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